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Welcome to Quikfix Phone Repair

Are you in need of iPad repairs to get your tablet working again?  Do you need iPhone screen repairs but don’t have insurance on your phone?  Cell phones and especially smart phones are becoming more and more prevalent in our society, and when you need smart phone repair, you need it quickly.  After all, your entire life is stored in that one little device.  For first-rate repair service in Wilmington, NC or the surrounding areas, you need service from experts who know these devices inside and out.

Welcome to QuikFix Phone Repair! Established in 2011, we are locally owned and operated. At QuikFix Phone Repair, we specialize in cell phone repair, iPhone repair, iPad repair, and iPod repair. We also fix other smart phone devices, including the Android devices.

We currently have over  10,000 successful cell phone repairs and iPad repairs logged. If you need hardware repairs for your smart phone or device or even factory restoration for your apple device, we make it easy and affordable.

We offer lower pricing and faster delivery than both Apple and insurance offer!

If you have suffered through using an iPhone or other smart phones with a cracked screen, loose or broken charging port or any other hardware problem, then we know just how frustrated you feel. Don’t risk trying to fix it yourself or dishing out the money to replace the phone entirely. We specialize in these types of problems, so let us fix it for you!

All iDevice repairs come with a Lifetime warranty.
All other repairs include a 14-day or 6-month warranty.