Samsung Repair

Samsung Repair in Wilmington NC and Raleigh NC

Samsung phones are at the top of the charts, right there with Apple, LG and other phone brands. And just like every other phone, they do take falls. They get wet, and well, sometimes they just have a flawed connection. So, who wants a fancy broken Samsung? Not too many people, unless you're a repair tech yourself. Be sure to contact our team if your phone is experiencing the following problems:

Can't text
Can't hear
Can't see the screen
Won’t charge

Samsung Phone Repair

QuikFix Phone Repair specializes in repairing all of these issues common to Samsung phones, even the products that many other shops avoid. For example, take those tiny micro-soldered micro USB charging ports. Many shops avoid this repair, but not us. We have the equipment and the experience to solve this little problem. Bring your Samsung to our team of experienced, friendly technicians for reliable, quick repair services.

Our team has been trained to handle intricate Samsung repair work!

We regard quality, speed, and affordability to be our foremost priorities, so QuikFix is sure to leave you and your Samsung reconnected. A 90-day guarantee is also provided on all parts and services used for Samsung repairs.

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