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iPhone & Samsung Repair in Wilmington & Raleigh, NC

Why work with QuikFix Phone Repair? Because we’re FAST and less expensive than cell phone repairs from the major manufacturers and cell phone companies. You know you need your phone daily, and when it’s broken, you need it back FAST. We understand. That’s why we offer SAME-DAY repairs!

But if you can’t stop by one of our stores and let us repair it (while you wait in most cases), you can still save time and money by mailing in your iPhone or other smartphone, tablet or mobile device for repair.

How fast is our mail-in smartphone service?

QuikFix Phone Repair makes smartphone repairs and other mobile device repairs the same day that we receive them. Then we ship it back the same day, as well. In-state repairs generally take 1-2 days for us to receive your box. We fix your phone and then ship it back to you the same day we receive it. You’ll receive free return shipping, and free delivery confirmation on all mail repairs.

You can also request return shipping insurance or express shipping options. Be sure to include these details on a note in the box with your smartphone or tablet when you mail us your broken mobile device.

Smartphone & Tablet Repair

How to mail your smartphone for repair:

  1. Include a note in the box describing the problem with your device.
  2. Include your name, address, and contact phone number (working line), device type and serial #.
  3. Bubble wrap the mobile device and put in an appropriate-sized shipping box. Do NOT ship your smartphone or iPad or other mobile device in an envelope. You need to protect your device from further damage during shipping and envelopes, even padded envelopes, are not adequate.
  4. Include your return shipping address if different than your mailing address.

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