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While the idea of drying out your water damaged cellphone in a bag of rice sounds logical and is advice often provided by friends and family, it isn’t really a cure for cell phone water damage. In cases when water damage to your cell phone or smart phone has seemingly been reversed by immersing it in rice, the takeaway knowledge is that your phone wasn’t really as wet as you thought it was.

Water seeks its own level, and will travel inside your cell phone wherever it can find a path of least resistance. But water damage is fickle, and until you open the case and disassemble the components, it’s impossible to detect the true nature of the cell phone water damage done to your device.

Fixing Apple Phone
Here at Quikfix Phone Repair, we work on all your smart and mobile devices. It doesn't matter if you have a phone, tablet, laptop or computer, we do it all! We are experts in all makes and models of smart devices and computers. If your phone becomes damaged by water, it is important to take action fast! Follow our steps on saving a water damaged cell phone to give your phone the best possible chance of recovery! 

Not only do we repair the actual apple device you have, but we can also repair iPhone batteries. When you rely on us, you really get the best chance of recovering or restoring damaged devices while saving a ton of money! Smartphones are already expensive enough, why spend the extra money buying a new one when you can have a professional from QuikFix Phone Repair make it as good as new again?
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